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Ottawa 1997

Keynote Speech

There was no Keynote Speech


No workshops offered


Can High Productivity be Productive? / Jonathan Ashley-Smith and Lynda Hillyer

Textile Conservation, Exhibit and Storage Design for the Commonwealth's Flag Reinstallation Project. / Betsy Gould

Textile Exhibition Practices in the Philippines. / Evelyn T.Elveña

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity: Planning and Building New Permanent Exhibitions at the Armémuseum, Stockholm. / Annika Castwall af Trolle, Lena Engquist Sandstedt, and Anna Zillén

Behind the Seams of an Exhibition. / Christine Paulocik

Invisible Boundaries: Searching for Common Ground Between Curators, Conservators, and Interpreters. / Abby Sue Fisher

Exhibition and Preservation of Artifacts with Textile Components at Point Ellice House Historic Site / Jennifer Iredale

Exhibiting Textiles in Historic House Furnished Rooms: Balancing Conservation and Interpretation. / Deborah Lee Trupin

Balancing Long-term Display with Preservation: The Treatment of the Fort Sumter Garrison Flag. / Jane L. Merritt and Rita Kauneckas

Working with Long-term Exhibits Containing Textiles. / Deborah Bede

Mechanical Aspects of Lining "Loose Hung" Textiles. / Thomas Bilson, Bill Cooke, and David Howell

Treatment Decisions for the Exhibition of a 1697 English State Bed. / Nancy Britton

Comprehensive Approach to Textile Problems in the Hermitage. / Elena Mikolaychuk and Nina Pinyagina

Conservation Guidelines for Museum Exhibition Cases. / Toby J. Raphael

Concerns about Plastics During Exhibition and Transport of Textile Objects. / R. Scott Williams

The Lighting Decision. / Stefan Michalski

Lighting for Preservation - Fibre Optics in Museum Exhibits. / Larry V. Bowers

Exhibiting Historical Costumes from a Living Tradition: Cantonese Opera in Canada. / Elizabeth Lominska Johnson and Darrin Morrison

Conservation, Display and Transport of "Becoming American Women: Clothing and the Jewish Immigrant Experience, 1880-1920". / Nancy Buenger

Travelling with Panache: An Unconventional Packing Method for a Travelling Costume Exhibit. / Carol Brynjolfson

Dressed for the Occasion: Creative and Practical Ideas for Mounting Costume Exhibitions. / Eva Burnham and Daniel Lalande

Flying the Flag Down Under: A Discussion of the Significance of Flags, the Etiquette of Using Them, and a Variety of Display Techniques. / Catherine Challenor and Wendy Dodd

Making the Most of Mounts: Expanding the Role of Display Mounts in the Preservation and Interpretation of Historic Textiles. / Alison Lister

"The Real West": A Collaborative Exhibit at Three Venues. / Jeanne Brako

A Division of Skills: A Case History of Mounting an Exhibition on a Limited Budget. / Ann French, Susan Stanton, and Lesley Anne Kerr

"Let Me Edu-tain You," Historic Artifacts and the World of Themed Entertainment. / Cara Varnell



Pressure Mounting Textiles for Display. / Thea Peacock and Monique Pullan

Mounting a Teepee Liner for Exhibit. / Shirley Ellis

A Possible Solution to the Rug Pad Dilemma. / Steven Pine and Joy Gardiner

A Sleeper of a Support System: Using a "Rope Bed" to Create a Slanted Mount for Temporary Exhibit of a Large Flag. / Deborah Lee Trupin, Dennis Farmer, and Kim Yarwood

Mannequins for Navajo Textile Display. / Susan Heald and Gwen Spicer

Wedding Belles. / Jane Holland and Linda Berko

King's Privy Chamber Throne Canopy, ca. 1700, Hampton Court Palace. / Val Davies

The Influence of Disaster Recovery on Reinstallation of Historic Wall Coverings. / Deirdre Windsor

Conservation of Costume for "In Royal Fashion": Time Management for a Large Project With a Small Staff. / Barbara Heiberger

Examples of Stabilization and Display of Fragile Textiles for Museums. / Vera Vereecken


Local Committee
  • Renée Dancause, CCI

  • Jane Down, CCI

  • Tara Grant, CCI

  • Sherry Guild, CCI

  • Helen Holt, Canadian War Museum

  • Julie Hughes, Canadian Museum of Civilization

  • Michaela Keyserlingk, CCI

  • Lucie Thivierge, Parks Canada

  • Season Tse, CCI

  • Jan Vuori, CCI

  • Janet Wagner, CCI

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