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Philadelphia 2002

Keynote Speech

Science, Conservation Science, Conservation Research, and Conservation: Where do the Conservator and Scientist Meet?

Judith H. Hofenk de Graaff 


For a better understanding, the following terms are defined: Science, scientific theory, scientific research, scientific method, scientific examination, scientific investigation and conservation science. For the terms preservation, preventive conservation, examination, conservation and restoration the terminology of the ICOM-CC is used in this contribution. General terms for research, basic and applied research are brought into the context of the theme 'conservation science.' The collaboration between conservator and scientist is presented in two case studies for which the scientific method is used to identify the problem and the development of the project. Particular emphasis is laid on the need for a continuous dialogue between the conservator and the scientist.

Introduction to Analytical Techniques

One day workshop

Instructors: Janice H. Carlson, Senior Scientist, Winterthur Museum and Dr. Jennifer Mass, Associate Scientist, Winterthur Museum

Introduction to Cleaning Systems

One day workshop

Instructor: Richard C. Wolbers, Associate Professor, Winterthur/University of Delaware Art Conservation Program


Modern Materials in Costume collections: A Collaboration between Scientist and Conservator / Chris Paulocik, R. Scott Williams

Characterization of Silk Deterioration / Paul Garside, Paul Wyeth

Iron Gall and the Textile Conservator / Katherine Barker

Studies on a Korean Painted Silk Banner: Identification of Layer Structure, Binding Medium, and Pigments / Mika Takami, Paul Wyeth

Chemical Finishes on Indigo-dyes Cloth: Characterization of Miao and Miao-related Costume from Guizhou, China / Lauren Chang, Paul Wyeth

A Fault in the Thread?  Examining fibers Taken from Laces of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries / Angharad Rixon

Analysis of Soiling and Trace Contaminants of the Star-Spangled Banner / Fenella G. France, Suzanne Thomassen-Krauss, Alberto Nuñez, William N. Marmer

Characterization and Evaluation of a Synthetic Fabric: A Flag Study / Lorena Román,Nicolas Gutiérrez, Abner Gutiérrez, Fernando Sánchez Guevara, Claudia del Fuente

The Ardabil Carpet and Other Interesting Collaborations / David Howell, Chris Carr, Barry Knight,

Wash Water Quality Requirements for Textile Conservation: An Over view of Canadian Conservation Institute Research / Season Tse

Tapestry Cleaning: Characterization and Removal of Soils / Kathy Francis

The Identification and Removal of Deodorants, Antiperspirants, and Perspiration Stains from White Cotton Fabric / Melanie Sanford, Margaret Ordoñez

Beneath the Surface: Salt Movement in Archaeological Textiles / Glenna Susan Marsh-Letts, Samuel B. Adeloju

An Investigation of the Effects of Borohydride Treatments of Oxidized Cellulose Textiles / Maj G. Ringgaard

Conservation of the Wright Flyer III: Serendipity and Substantiation / Deborah Bede



No posters were presented.

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