NATCC 1997 Ottawa.

Fabric of an Exhibition: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Note: no abstracts available

Val Davies. King's Privy Chamber Throne Canopy, ca. 1700, Hampton Court Palace.

Shirley Ellis. Mounting a Teepee Liner for Exhibit.

Susan Heald and Gwen Spicer. Mannequins for Navajo Textile Display.

Barbara Heiberger. Conservation of Costume for "In Royal Fashion": Time Management for a Large Project With a Small Staff.

Jane Holland and Linda Berko. "Wedding Belles".

Thea Peacock and Monique Pullan. Pressure Mounting Textiles for Display.

Steven Pine and Joy Gardiner. A Possible Solution to the Rug Pad Dilemma.

Deborah Lee Trupin, Dennis Farmer and Kim Yarwood. A Sleeper of a Support System: Using a "Rope Bed" to Create a Slanted Mount for Temporary Exhibit of a Large Flag.

Vera Vereecken. Examples of Stabilization and Display of Fragile Textiles for Museums.

Deirdre Windsor. The Influence of Disaster Recovery on Reinstallation of Historic Wall Coverings.


NATCC 2000 Asheville

Conservation Combinations

Note: no abstracts available

Ileana Cretu and Mihai Lupu. Multidisciplinary Science Research On An Old Textile.

Elizabeth-Anne Haldane. Measuring the Effects of Posture on the Stability of Mannequins.

Kathleen Kiefer and Jonathan Scheer. Expanding Conservation Cleaning Options: collaboration with a professional dry cleaner.

Karen Guthertz Lizárraga. To Conserve Is To Remember: from archaeocide to archaeolinguistics.

Meredith Montague. Understanding the Parameters of Display: a case study.

Lorena Roman and Abner Gutierrez. Conservation Treatment Of An Eighteenth Century Mexican Textile Woven With Feathers.

Lorena Roman and Abner Gutierrez. Conservation Treatment Used On The Covering Of The Coachman's Seat Of Maximillian Of Hapsburg's Ceremonial Carriage.


NATCC 2002 Philadelphia

Strengthening the Bond: Science & Textiles

No posters were presented.


NATCC 2003 Albany

Tales in the Textile

Note: no abstracts available

Mary Betlejeski and Gwen Spicer. The Treatment of a Campaign Banner: An Option for Consolidating Powdery Paint.

Catherine Challenor. Just How Do You Apply Routine Treatments to a Large and Fragile Textile?: Lateral Thinking and the Richmond Colours of the Victorian Volunteer Rifle Corps.

Pia Christensson. A Banner from the Era of the Scandinavianism Movement.

Noemí Cortés and Guillermina Peña. The Conservation and Restoration of the Alamo Flag.

Ileana Cretu. Identification through Symbols.

Tamara Frost. A Comparative Study of the Ethics and Techniques of Conserving Two Pairs of Nineteenth Century Colours from Guernsey.

Elizabeth C. Griffin. A 17th-Century Flocked Textile.

Cordelia Rogerson. King in All But Name? The Conservation of a Majesty Scutcheon Looted from Oliver Cromwell’s State Funeral.

Lorena Román, Cecilia Becerra, Claudia de la Fuente, Abner Gutiérrez, Nicolás Gutiérrez and Fernando Sánchez Guevara. The Escuadrón Activo De Veracruz Flag: Reflections on the Criteria for Flag Conservation.

Joelle D.J. Wickens and Dr. Maria Hayward. Contract for Eternity: Preserving a Hearse Cloth Made in 1505 For Henry VII (b. 1455, d. 1509).


NATCC 2005 Mexico City

Recovering the Past: The conservation of archaeological and ethnographic textiles

Priscilla Alvarado. Rescue of a Textile Collection.

Lisa Anderson, Lauren Chang and Susan Heald. Re-Housing Archaeological Textiles during the National Museum of the American Indian Collections Move.

Susanna Conti and Marzia Lorenzini. The Veil of S. Marina from the Church of S. Maria Formosa in Venice.

Ann French and Frances Pritchard. Easy Access? —Approaches to the Care and Storage of Archaeological Textiles at the Whitworth Art Gallery.

Beatriz Garcés Gómez. Izote.

María Judith Eunice Gómez González. Brocades and Embroideries of the Mayan World: Preserving a Collection and a Tradition.

Jenna Tedrick Kuttruff and Marie. S. Standifer. Analysis and Conservation of Prehistoric Footwear and Bags from Midwestern North America.

Anne Murray, Susan Heald, Marilyn Jones, Lauren Chang and Harry Alden. Investigating the Presence of Dog Hair in Coast Salish Blankets.

Cinzia Oliva. Mummy of Merit: A Conservation Project on the Funeral Outfit (Equipment).

Mónica Ruiz Hernández. Palimpsests and Pentimento in the Canvas Codices Collection of the Biblioteca Nacional de Antropología e Historia.

Pamela Scheinman. Tracking Clues to the Past in Maguey-Fiber Sandals.

Nicola Smith, Judith Andrewartha, Patrya Kay and Ellie McFadyen. Excavation and Preliminary Conservation of a Dong Son Burial Shroud from the Red River Delta in Vietnam.


NATCC 2007 Washington, DC

Facing Impermanence: Exploring Preventive Conservation for Textiles

Rosa Diez Pérez. Preventative conservation of the Textiles in the National Museum of the Viceroyalty, Tepotzotlán, Mexico.

Anna Hodson, Renate Maile-Moskowitz and Susan Heald. Hole-istic Compensation: Needle-felted In-fills for Losses in Wool.

Allison McCloskey. Mold Outbreaks in Storage Areas.

Meredith Montague, Claudia P. Iannuccilli, Joel L. Thompson and Allison Sloan Murphy. Textiles and Fashion Arts on the Move: New Storage for a Collection.

Lourdes Chocano Mena. Recovering the Value of a Paracas Textile (Necropolis).

Cecilia Beatriz Pérez de Micou. Preserving a Perishable Heritage: The Archaeological Basketry from Argentina.

Rosa Lorena Román Torres, Abner Gutiérrez Ramos, Nicolás Gutiérrez Zepeda, Lilia Felix Ramírez and Fernando Sánchez Guevara. An Ancient Adhesive: A New Alternative for Textile Conservation.


NATCC 2009 Québec City

Conservation of Three-Dimensional Textiles

Marine del Carmen Rivadeo Torres. The Chaguar: (Bromelia Hieronimy).

Ada Hopkins. The Height of Fashion: Conservation of a Pair of 17th Century Slap-Sole Shoes.

Clare Lewarne, Irene Karsten, and Beverly Lemire. Fibre Identification and Condition Characterization of 1920s and 1930s Rayon Dresses.

Sarah McNett and Odile Madden. Identifying the Source of Mercury on a Nez Perce Horse Mask.

Luba Dovgan Nurse. A Support Mount Made from Nomex® Card for Storage and Three-Dimensional Display of an Incomplete and Fragile 19th Century Bonnet.

Adriana Sanroman. Mexican Silk – Flower Industry in the late 19th Century.

Rosa Lorena Román Torres, Abner Gutiérrez Ramos, Nicolás Gutiérrez Zapeda, Lilia Félix Ramírez León, Manlio Favio Salinas Nolasco, Martha Contreras Sainz y Ingrid Karina Jiménez Cosme. Rigattino applied to the conservation of silk brocade.

Mónica Vargas Ramos. Frida through her textiles.Conservation issues in the textile collection of the “Museo Frida Kahlo.”


NATCC 2011 Oaxaca

Plying the Trades: Pulling Together in the 21st Century

Cushmas: Amazonian Ethnographic Costumes. Their Preventive Conservation and Appreciation
Rosemary Zenker Alzamora

A Simple Modification of Pressure Mounts to Prevent Bowing of Plexiglas®
Deborah Bede

Analysis of Three Chuspas from the Collection of the Huaca Malena, Peru
Lourdes Chocano Mena

Weaving Art of Assam: Threats for Survival
Subhra Devi

Investigations into Naphtalene Mitigation on Museum Objects
Susan Heald / Odile Madden

Restoration of Ethnographic Textiles from Teotitlan del Valle: Experiences Inside an Indigenous Community:
Karen Landa Elorduy / Mariana Almaraz Reyes / Ximena Bruna Lema / María Eugenia Desirée Buentello García / Emmanuel Lara Barrera / María Fernanda Martínez Rocha

The Ethnographic Feather Collection at the Museo Juan B. Ambrosetti
Silvana Di Lorenzo / María Pía Villaronga

Conservation or Restoration: Are There Specific Limits in Treatment of a Multi-Component Chest?
Stavroula Rapti / Ermioni Takou / Christoforos Stylianou / Ekaterini Malea

The Use of SEM in Investigating Gel Residues on Cotton Textiles, after Spot Cleaning Treatments
Maria Stavropoulou / Stavoula Rapti

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