NATCC 1997 Ottawa.

Fabric of an Exhibition: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Jonathan Ashley-Smith and Lynda Hillyer. Can High Productivity be Productive?

Deborah Bede. Working with Long-term Exhibits Containing Textiles.

Thomas Bilson, Bill Cooke and David Howell. Mechanical Aspects of Lining "Loose Hung" Textiles.

Nancy Britton. Treatment Decisions for the Exhibition of a 1697 English State Bed.

Larry V. Bowers. Lighting for Preservation - Fibre Optics in Museum Exhibits.

Nancy Buenger. Display and Transport of "Becoming American Women: Clothing and the Jewish Immigrant Experience, 1880-1920".

Jeanne Brako. "The Real West": A Collaborative Exhibit at Three Venues.

Carol Brynjolfson. Travelling with Panache: An Unconventional Packing Method for a Travelling Costume Exhibit.

Eva Burnham and Daniel Lalande. Dressed for the Occasion: Creative and Practical Ideas for Mounting Costume Exhibitions.

Annika Castwall af Trolle, Lena Engquist Sandstedt, and Anna Zillén. A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity: Planning and Building New Permanent Exhibitions at the Armémuseum, Stockholm.

Catherine Challenor and Wendy Dodd. Flying the Flag Down Under: A Discussion of the Significance of Flags, the Etiquette of Using Them, and a Variety of Display Techniques.

Evelyn T. Elveña. Textile Exhibition Practices in the Philippines.

Abby Sue Fisher. Invisible Boundaries: Searching for Common Ground Between Curators, Conservators, and Interpreters.

Ann French, Susan Stanton and Lesley Anne Kerr. A Division of Skills: A Case History of Mounting an Exhibition on a Limited Budget.

Betsy Gould. Textile Conservation, Exhibit and Storage Design for the Commonwealth's Flag Reinstallation Project.

Jennifer Iredale. Exhibition and Preservation of Artifacts with Textile Components at Point Ellice House Historic Site.

Alison Lister. Making the Most of Mounts: Expanding the Role of Display Mounts in the Preservation and Interpretation of Historic Textiles.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson and Darrin Morrison. Exhibiting Historical Costumes from a Living Tradition: Cantonese Opera in Canada.

Jane L. Merritt. Balancing Long-term Display with Preservation: The Treatment of the Fort Sumter Garrison Flag.

Stefan Michalski. The Lighting Decision.

Elena Mikolaychuk and Nina Pinyagina. Comprehensive Approach to Textile Problems in the Hermitage.

Christiue Paulocik. Behind the Seams of an Exhibition.

Toby J. Raphael. Conservation Guidelines for Museum Exhibition Cases.

Deborah Lee Trupin. Exhibiting Textiles in Historic House Furnished Rooms: Balancing Conservation and Interpretation.

Cara Varnell. "Let Me Edu-tain You," Historic Artifacts and the World of Themed Entertainment.

R. Scott Williams. Concerns about Plastics During Exhibition and Transport of Textile Objects.


NATCC 2000 Asheville

Conservation Combinations

Jennifer Barnett. Dudok's Town Hall in Hilversum: the reconstruction of the interior textiles.

Dilys Blum, Sara Lynn Reiter and Virginia J. Whelan. The Ormerod Bedcover: research and treatment.

Nancy Buenger. Wet With Blood: the investigation of Mary Todd Lincoln's cloak.

Irena Calinescu and Cara Varnell. The Resurrection of an American Film Star: the Beloved Cowardly Lion.

Barbara Cases C. and Ana María Rojas Z. Preventive Conservation: technically recording and making a reproduction of a late Chinchorro infant-mummy.

Judith Eisenberg and Harriett Irgang. ‘Shade of Faith': the conservation of a painted sukkah interior.

Sarah Foskett. Are Yeez 'Appy: the framing and installation of banners for the Museum Of Scotland.

Sylvie François, Claude Brault and Mary M. Brooks. 'Mémoire Corporative - strategies in creating a theatrical costume collection while performing art.

Joy Gardiner, Janice Carlson, Linda Eaton and Kate Duffy. 'That Fabric Seems Extremely Bright': non-destructive characterization of nineteenth century mineral dyes via XRF analysis.

Robin Hanson. Melding Eighteenth-Century Traditions with Twentieth-Century Technologies or Crèche Crisis Culminates in Christmas Collaboration.

Susan Anne Mathisen and Costanza Perrone Da Zara. Collaborating Overseas: the textile conservation project at Villa La Pietra.

Olga Negnevitsky and Tamar Schick. Conservation And Study Of Four 6,000 Year-Old Textiles From The Judean Desert.

Nancy Odegaard, Mike Jacobs, Marilen Pool and Thomas Braun. Threads And Treads: woven sandals from the Southwest.

Jan Vuori, Debra Daly Hartin, Season Tse, Anne Maheux and Anne Ruggles. Local Stain Removal from Océanie, la mer by Henri Matisse: the development of a reducing bleach technique using a suction disk, ultrasonic mister, and airbrush.


NATCC 2002 Philadelphia

Strengthening the Bond: Science & Textiles

Katherine Barker. Iron Gall and the Textile Conservator.

Deborah Bede. Conservation of the Wright Flyer III: Serendipity and Substantiation.

Lauren Chang and Paul Wyeth. Chemical Finishes on Indigo-dyes Cloth: Characterization of Miao and Miao-related Costume from Guizhou, China.

Beatriz Devia, Marianne Cardale and Jan Wouters. The Red Mantles: Arrabidaea Chica in Archaeological Columbian Textiles.

Fenella G. France, Suzanne Thomassen-Krauss, Alberto Nuñez and William N. Marmer. Analysis of Soiling and Trace Contaminants of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Kathy Francis. Tapestry Cleaning: Characterization and Removal of Soils.

Paul Garside and Paul Wyeth. Characterization of Silk Deterioration.

Judith H. Hofenk de Graaff. Science, Conservation Science, Conservation Research, and Conservation: Where do the Conservator and Scientist Meet?

David Howell, Chris Carr and Barry Knight. The Ardabil Carpet and Other Interesting Collaborations.

Glenna Susan Marsh-Letts and Samuel B. Adeloju. Beneath the Surface: Salt Movement in Archaeological Textiles.

Chris Paulocik and R. Scott Williams. Modern Materials in Costume collections: A Collaboration between Scientist and Conservator.

Maj G. Ringgaard. An Investigation of the Effects of Borohydride Treatments of Oxidized Cellulose Textiles.

Angharad Rixon. A Fault in the Thread? Examining Fibers Taken from Laces of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.

Lorena Román, Nicolas Gutiérrez, Abner Gutiérrez, Fernando Sánchez Guevara and Claudia del Fuente. Characterization and Evaluation of a Synthetic Fabric: A Flag Study.

Melanie Sanford and Margaret Ordoñez. The Identification and Removal of Deodorants, Antiperspirants, and Perspiration Stains from White Cotton Fabric.

Mika Takami and Paul Wyeth. Studies on a Korean Painted Silk Banner: Identification of Layer Structure, Binding Medium, and Pigments.

Season Tse. Wash Water Quality Requirements for Textile Conservation: An Overview of Canadian Conservation Institute Research.


NATCC 2003 Albany

Tales in the Textile

Mary Westerman Bulgarella and Susanna Conti. The Conservation of Savonarola’s Banner.

Sarah Clayton, Wendy Dodd, Victoria Gill and Bridie Kirkpatrick. Clear as Mud: How Cultural Significance Determines Preservation Choices.

Dinah Eastop and Charlotte Dew. Secret Agents: Deliberately Concealed Garments as Symbolic Textiles.

Fanny Espinoza . Different Restoration Treatments on 19th Century Silk Banners and Flags.

Lizou Fenyvesi. Preservation of Stripes, Stars and Swastikas.

Fenella G. France and Suzanne Thomassen-Krauss. What If You Can’t Afford To Make a Mistake: Developing an Experimental Protocol for the Treatment of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Ann French and Nicola Gentle. "Go Thou and Do Likewise"? The Conservation of the Ebrington Friendly Society Banner.

Joanne Hackett and Beth Szuhay. Facing the Future: The Use of Cyclododecane and Re-Moistenable Tissue Paper in the Conservation of a Painted Silk Flag.

T. Rose Holdcraft. Documenting and Preserving Woven and Constructed Materials on a Collection of Early Nineteenth Century Native North American Objects.

Irene F. Karsten and Nancy Kerr. The Effectiveness of Adhesive Support Treatments for Flags and Banners: Condition of Treated Artifacts in Canada and the UK.

Frances Lennard and Vivian Lochhead. United We Stand! The Conservation of Trade Union Banners.

Harold F. Mailand. Looking at our History, Listening to Our Client.

Lynn McClean and Elizabeth-Anne Haldane. Avendale for Reformation: Conservation of a 17th Century Covenanting Banner.

Nancy R. Pollak. Moving Pictures: Adapting Painting Conservation Techniques to the Treatment of Painted Textiles.

Barbara L. Rowe. What so Proudly We Hailed: One Museum’s Effort to Conserve Historic Flags.

Ann Shaftel. Religious Symbolic Textiles in Himalayan Monasteries: Prayer Flags, Banners and Thangkas.

Gwen Spicer, Laureen LaBar, Susan Adler, Marion Scharoun and Dona Smith. Saving Maine’s Colours: Strategies in Flag Conservation & Exhibition at the Maine State Museum.

Sarah C. Stevens. Do You Know Where You Are? Silk Flank Markers from the Civil War.

Dorothy Stites Alig. Vibrant Dancers: Egungun Costumes from Southwestern Nigeria.

Fonda Ghiardi Thomsen. MFAH Texas Flags: 1836-1945 Flags as Fine Art?

Deborah Lee Trupin. Flag Conservation Then and Now.

Virginia Jarvis Whelan. Amos Bad Heart Bull’s Painted Textile: A Document of Cultures and Conflicts.

Marilyn Zoidis "For Which It Stands": American Patriotism in Material Culture.


NATCC 2005 Mexico City

Recovering the Past: The conservation of archaeological and ethnographic textiles

Lena Bjerregaard The Textiles of Leymebamba.

DY Begay and Jeanne Brako. Using Collections to Bridge Communities.

Virginia Davis. Irmgard Weitlaner Johnson: Outstanding Researcher of Textiles.

Cándida Fernández de Calderón. The Textile Center of the Mayan World: A Commitment for Conservation and Dissemination of Textile Art.

Fenella G. France, Vuka Roussakis, Patricia Lissa, Miguel Xamena, Pedro Santillán, María Campero de Larrán, Gabriela Doña and Gabriela Ammirati. Textile Treasures of Llullaillaco.

Christine Giuntini and Maya Naunton. Examination and Treatment of a Basketry and Textile Tent Divider from Sudan.

Maria Judith Gómez González and Alejandro González Villarruel. To Repair or to Conserve the Ethnographic. Reorganization Project of the Ethnographic Galleries of the Museo Nacional de Antropología.

Mercedes Gómez-Urquiza de la Macorra. Textile Case Study: A Project to Protect Heritage in Religious Spaces in Mexico.

Susan Heald, Lauren Chang and Jessica S. Johnson. Identification and Quantification of Organic Pesticides on Ethnographic Textiles during Treatment Phases.

Maria Soledad Hoces de la Guardia Chellew and Ana-María Rojas Zepeda. A Pre-Columbian Funerary Bundle from Atacama: An Interpretation of the Textiles’ Tactile–Visual Languages.

Stephanie Hornbeck. The Treatment and Preparation for Exhibition of a Composite Material Ceremonial Warrior’s Costume from the Loma People in Liberia.

Tatiana Koussoulou. First-Aid and Preventive Conservation of Ecclesiastical Vestments in the Greek Orthodox Monasteries.

Patricia Lissa, Silvana Di Lorenzo and Maria Pia Villaronga. Conservation of the Bolivian Danzante Costume from the Museo Etnográfico of Buenos Aires.

Anne MacKay. A Study of Moosehair-Embroidered Souvenir Objects.

Kjerstin Mackie. Long Ago Person Found—An Ancient Robe Tells a New Story.

Priya Ravish Mehra. An Invisible Craft.

Sonia A. O’Connor and Mary M. Brooks. Looking into the Past: The Potential of X-Radiography as an Investigative Technique for Archaeological and Ethnographic Textiles.

Lana Panko. Negotiating Meaning and Cultural Memory with Maya Textiles.

Rosa Lorena Román Torres, Abner Gutiérrez Ramos, Nicolás Gutiérrez Zepeda, Fernando Sánchez Guevara and Lilia Felix Ramirez. Conservation of the Feather Mosaic “Christ Saviour of the World” from the Museo Nacional del Virreinato, Mexico.

Soraya Serra-Collazo. Evidence of Caribbean Basketry Preserved as Impressions on Pottery.

Luciana da Silveira, Arabel Fernández López and Elizabete Mendonça. Rediscovering Pre-Columbian Peruvian Textiles: Their Conservation and Documentation in the Museo Nacional, Universidad Federal of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Beth Szuhay and Jill D’Alessandro. Darn that Spot! Investigations into Cleaning Raffia Cut-Pile Kuba Cloth.


NATCC 2007 Washington, DC

Facing Impermanence: Exploring Preventive Conservation for Textiles

Rommell Angeles Falcon and Denise Pozzi-Escot. The “Adopt a Textile” Program in Huaca Malena, Peru.

Mary W. Ballard. Microbial Growth on Textiles: Conflicting Conventions.

Pia Christensson. Preventive Conservation at the National Museum and House of Culture in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Neil Cockerline. Preserving the Blood, Sweat, Tears and Other “Damages” in Original Circus Costumes and Accessories: The Need to Maintain Historical Evidence.

Shannon Elliott. Project Management Practices and Preventive Conservation Projects at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Fenella G. France. Lighting the Treasures.

Alejandro González Villarruel and Judith Gómez González. Preserving Our Heritage “The Future of the Past”: The Restructuring of the Ethnographic Collection in the Museum Nacional de Antropologia.

Elizabeth-Anne Haldane, Lara Flecker, Richard Ashbridge, and Adam Monaghan. Crossing Continents: Packing Costumes for Multi-venue Tours.

Alison Lister, Jo Banks and Vicky Hand. The Conservation of the Original 1950s Textile Hangings in the Auditorium of the Royal Festival Hall, London.

Tatiana Kousoulou. When Royal Becomes Popular. The Preventive Conservation, Documentation and Disaster Planning Project for the Textile Collection of the Former Greek Royal Palace of Tatoi.

Christina Margariti and Georgianna Moraitou. Preserving Ancient Threads. Preventive Conservation Strategy for Greek Excavated Textiles.

Johanna Nilsson and Sofia Nestor. Fragments of Queen Kristina’s Burial Costume, Preservation and Documentation of Materials, Textile Techniques and Dyestuffs.

Maria Catalina Plazas García and María del Pilar Muñoz. Maintaining a Textile Museum with a Limited Budget by Applying Principles of Preventive Conservation.

Suzanne Thomassen-Krauss. Designing in Permanence: Creating the Permanent Display Gallery for the Star-Spangled Banner.


NATCC 2009 Québec City

Conservation of Three-Dimensional Textiles

Tanja Aronsson and Pia Christensson. Disassembling and Reassembling: Problems and Ethics Concerning the Process of Bleaching a Parasol.

Nancy Britton, Renée Dancause, Jan Vuori and Janet Wagner. Treatment of Egyptian Revival Furniture: Part I, Three-Dimensional Structure (Springs and Webbing).

Nancy Britton, Renée Dancause, Jan Vuori and Nicole Charley. Treatment of Egyptian Revival Furniture: Part II, Aesthetics of Show Cover.

M. Victoria Carvajal. Conservation Treatment of a Ceremonial Chimú Costume.

Emilia Cortes. Long Term Preservation of Ptolemaic to Late Antique Period Burials at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Excavation in Dahshur, Egypt.

Kate Douglas and Solitaire Osei. Conservation of Black in Fashion.

Jessie Firth. How to Bag a War Bird: The Re-covering of Two German First World War Aircraft.

Sarah Foskett and Lynn McClean. Precious Metal: The Conservation of a 17th Century Garter Suit.

Kathryn Gill. When Minimal Intervention is not Enough: Deconstructing and Reconstructing a Sprung Upholstered Chair.

Joanne Hackett. She Walks in Beauty: The Conservation, Reconstruction, Mounting and Packing of an English Court Mantua.

Elizabeth-Anne Haldane, Sara Gillies, Dr. Sonia O’Connor, Dr. Cathy Batt and Dr. Ben Stern. What Lies Beneath? Biography of an Egyptian Tunic.

Meghan McFarlane. The Treatment and Analysis of a Hausa Horse Bridle.

Chris Paulocik. Every Picture is Worth a Thousand Words but an Object Speaks Volumes.

M. Catalina Plazas García. Textiles from the Beyond.

Anne-Solène Rolland and Stéphanie Elarbi. For a Rational Management of a Mixed Collection: The Conservation Policy for 3-Dimensional Ethnographic Costumes at the Quai Branly Museum, Paris.

Rosa Lorena Román Torres, Alejandra Corona Cadena, Abner Gutiérrez Ramos, Nicolás Gutiérrez Zepeda, Gabriela Cruz Chagoyán, Manlio Favio Salinas Nolasco, Lilia Félix Ramírez León, y Arturo León Candanedo. Basketry Restoration: The Case Study of the Palm Box From the Chagüera Cave, Ticumán, Morelos, México.

Gwen Spicer. The Re-Tufting of an Hunzinger Arm-Chair.


NATCC 2011 Oaxaca

Plying the Trades: Pulling Together in the 21st Century

The Role of Universities in the Rescue of Cultural Heritage
Gonzalo J. Alarcón Vital

Conservation Challenge: Ottoman Carpets in Transylvanian Churches
Anna Beselin

Stitches in Time: The Integration of 18th and 21st Century Technologies and Techniques across Three Cultures
Nancy Britton

Building a Museum Conservation Community in Iraq
Vicki Cassman / Jessica Johnson / Nancy Odegaard

Conservation as a Process of Representation: The Kurdish Textile Museum of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan
Anne-Marie Deisser / Lolan Sipan / Róisín Miles

Twenty Years of Conservation Collaborations with Native Peoples at the National Museum of the American Indian
Susan Heald

Retrieval of Forgotten Textile Techniques: A Ukrainian Community’s Focus that Enriches Communities Beyond
Teena Jennings-Rentenaar / Aniza Kraus

Textile Conservation at the Lyceum Club of Greek Women: So We Think We Can Dance
Tatiana Kousoulou / Zoi Kona

Engaging with the Public Realm: Conserving Textiles as a Public Spectacle at the People’s History Museum, Manchester, UK
Vivian Lochhead

Collaboration between Textile Conservators and Archaeologists: Four Case Studies of Textiles from Pyre Burials from Ancient Greece
Christina Margariti

Soaring Up: Feathered Textiles in Contemporary Mexico
Hector Manuel Meneses Lozano

Dyes and Dye-stuffs in Textile Conservation
Rosa Lorena Román Torres / Lilia Félix León / Arturo León Candanedo / Abner Gutiérrez Ramos / Nicolás Gutiérrez Zepeda / Alejandra Corona Cadena / Lilian García-Alonso Alba / Javier Vázquez Negrete

Life’s Rich Tapestry
Deb Spoehr

Weaving Experiences with the Textile Heritage and the Memory
Olga Liliana Sulca

Producing, Weaving, and Felting T,urcana Wool in the Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Florica Zaharia / Ana Teodora Zaharia


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