Thursday, November 6, 2003

Location: New York State Museum


- Vibrant Dancers: Egungun Costumes from Southwestern Nigeria. Dorothy Stites Alig


- Secret Agents: Deliberately Concealed Garments as Symbolic Textiles. Dinah Eastop and Charlotte Dew


- Religious Symbolic Textiles in Himalayan Monasteries: Prayer Flags, Banners and Thangkas. Ann Shaftel


- Clear as Mud: How Cultural Significance Determines Preservation Choices. Sarah Clayton, Wendy Dodd, Victoria Gill and Bridie Kirkpatrick


- Preservation of Stripes, Stars and Swastikas. Lizou Fenyvesi


- Documenting and Preserving Woven and Constructed Materials on a Collection of Early Nineteenth Century Native North American Objects. T. Rose Holdcraft


- Amos Bad Heart Bull’s Painted Textile: A Document of Cultures and Conflicts. Virginia Jarvis Whelan


Friday, November 7, 2003


- "For Which It Stands": American Patriotism in Material Culture. Marilyn Zoidis


- Flag Conservation Then and Now. Deborah Lee Trupin


The following four papers were presented as a panel discussion:

- Looking at our History, Listening to Our Client. Harold F. Mailand


- What so Proudly We Hailed: One Museum’s Effort to Conserve Historic Flags. Barbara L. Rowe


- Saving Maine’s Colours: Strategies in Flag Conservation & Exhibition at the Maine State Museum. Gwen Spicer, Laureen LaBar, Susan Adler, Marion Scharoun and Dona Smith


- Do You Know Where You Are? Silk Flank Markers from the Civil War. Sarah C. Stevens



- MFAH Texas Flags: 1836-1945 Flags as Fine Art? Fonda Ghiardi Thomsen


- What If You Can’t Afford To Make a Mistake: Developing an Experimental Protocol for the Treatment of the Star-Spangled Banner. Fenella G. France and Suzanne Thomassen-Krauss


- Different Restoration Treatments on 19th Century Silk Banners and Flags. Fanny Espinoza


- United We Stand! The Conservation of Trade Union Banners. Frances Lennard and Vivian Lochhead


- "Go Thou and Do Likewise"? The Conservation of the Ebrington Friendly Society Banner. Ann French and Nicola Gentle


Saturday, November 8, 2003


- Moving Pictures: Adapting Painting Conservation Techniques to the Treatment of Painted Textiles. Nancy R. Pollak


- The Conservation of Savonarola’s Banner. Mary Westerman Bulgarella and Susanna Conti


- Avendale for Reformation: Conservation of a 17th Century Covenanting Banner. Lynn McClean and Elizabeth-Anne Haldane


- The Effectiveness of Adhesive Support Treatments for Flags and Banners: Condition of Treated Artifacts in Canada and the UK.Irene F. Karsten and Nancy Kerr


- Facing the Future: The Use of Cyclododecane and Re-Moistenable Tissue Paper in the Conservation of a Painted Silk Flag.Joanne Hackett and Beth Szuhay

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