November 8th, 2007

Location: National Gallery of Art

Jean Tetreault. Managing Risk and Care of Collections Through Choice of Materials.

Alejandro González Villarruel and Judith Gómez González. Preserving Our Heritage “The Future of the Past”: The Restructuring of the Ethnographic Collection in the Museum Nacional de Antropologia.

Shannon Elliott. Project Management Practices and Preventive Conservation Projects at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Johanna Nilsson and Sofia Nestor. Fragments of Queen Kristina’s Burial Costume, Preservation and Documentation of Materials, Textile Techniques and Dyestuffs.

Mark Fietl. Introduction to IMLS Programs

Maria Catalina Plazas García and María del Pilar Muñoz. Maintaining a Textile Museum with a Limited Budget by Applying Principles of Preventive Conservation.

Pia Christensson. Preventive Conservation at the National Museum and House of Culture in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Mary W. Ballard. Microbial Growth on Textiles: Conflicting Conventions.

Christina Margariti and Georgianna Moraitou. Preserving Ancient Threads. Preventive Conservation Strategy for Greek Excavated Textiles.

Mary M. Brooks, Textile Conservation Centre, University of South Hampton. Discussion of Textile Volume of Readings in Conservation, Issues in the Conservation of Textiles [working title], to be published by the Getty Conservation Institute


November 9th, 2007

Tatiana Kousoulou. When Royal Becomes Popular. The Preventive Conservation, Documentation and Disaster Planning Project for the Textile Collection of the Former Greek Royal Palace of Tatoi.

Panel Discussion on Disaster Response and Preparedness. Jane Long, Heritage Preservation and Robert Sonderman and Theresa Voellinger, the National Park Service.

Elizabeth-Anne Haldane, Lara Flecker, Richard Ashbridge, and Adam Monaghan. Crossing Continents: Packing Costumes for Multi-venue Tours.

Alison Lister, Jo Banks and Vicky Hand. The Conservation of the Original 1950s Textile Hangings in the Auditorium of the Royal Festival Hall, London.

Rommell Angeles Falcon and Denise Pozzi-Escot. The “Adopt a Textile” Program in Huaca Malena, Peru.

Fenella G. France. Lighting the Treasures.

Suzanne Thomassen-Krauss. Designing in Permanence: Creating the Permanent Display Gallery for the Star-Spangled Banner.

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