Merging the 21st Century into a Gilded Age Fortune 500 Boardroom
Alexandra Allardt and Robert M. Kelly

Reshaping and Rehousing of Rubber Galoshes
Pia Christensson, Per-Magnus Johansson, Ulrika Brynell, Kathrin Hirichs Degerblad, Thea Winther

How can we conserve both the artist’s idea and the material? The special case of a "Achrome" of Piero Manzoni
Susanna Conti, Elisa Bracaloni, Matti Patti, and Rodorico Giorgi

Lessons Learned: The Use of 20 denier Nylon Net in the Treatment of Two Oversized Flags
Renee Dancause and Jan Vuori

Viscose Rayon: An Absorbing Problem. An Investigation into the Impact Conservation Wet Cleaning Treatments have on Historic Woven Viscose Rayon Fabrics
Charlotte Gamper, Karen Thompson and Anita Quye

The Influence of the Environment and Stress on the Degradation of Nylon Stockings used in "Garden of Delight" a Work of Art by Madeleine Berkhemer
Suzan de Groot, Henk van Keulen and Thea van Oosten

Man-Made Uppers, Man-Made Soles: The Technology of Modern Shoes
Joanne Hackett

From Deterioration to Metamorphosis, the Decision-Making Process for the Conservation of a Contemporary Textile Work
Mariana López, Emmanuel Lara Barrera, and Priscila Villeda Ramírez

Gellan Gum as a Material for Local Stain Reduction
Anne Peranteau

Care of Highly Problematic Twentieth-Century Textiles: Identification, Cleaning, Storage, and Exhibition
Kelly Reddy-Best and Margaret T. Ordoñez

Rubberized Flannel in Contemporary Beaded Powwow Regalia
Rebecca Summerour, Susan Heald, Sarah Jane Grace Owens, Odile Madden and Jennifer Giaccai

Keeping it up - Very PVC
Jane Wild and Sarah McHugh

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