The Role of Universities in the Rescue of Cultural Heritage
Gonzalo J. Alarcón Vital

Conservation Challenge: Ottoman Carpets in Transylvanian Churches
Anna Beselin

Stitches in Time: The Integration of 18th and 21st Century Technologies and Techniques across Three Cultures
Nancy Britton

Building a Museum Conservation Community in Iraq
Vicki Cassman / Jessica Johnson / Nancy Odegaard

Conservation as a Process of Representation: The Kurdish Textile Museum of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan
Anne-Marie Deisser / Lolan Sipan / Róisín Miles

Twenty Years of Conservation Collaborations with Native Peoples at the National Museum of the American Indian
Susan Heald

Retrieval of Forgotten Textile Techniques: A Ukrainian Community’s Focus that Enriches Communities Beyond
Teena Jennings-Rentenaar / Aniza Kraus

Textile Conservation at the Lyceum Club of Greek Women: So We Think We Can Dance
Tatiana Kousoulou / Zoi Kona

Engaging with the Public Realm: Conserving Textiles as a Public Spectacle at the People’s History Museum, Manchester, UK
Vivian Lochhead

Collaboration between Textile Conservators and Archaeologists: Four Case Studies of Textiles from Pyre Burials from Ancient Greece
Christina Margariti

Soaring Up: Feathered Textiles in Contemporary Mexico
Hector Manuel Meneses Lozano

Dyes and Dye-stuffs in Textile Conservation
Rosa Lorena Román Torres / Lilia Félix León / Arturo León Candanedo / Abner Gutiérrez Ramos / Nicolás Gutiérrez Zepeda / Alejandra Corona Cadena / Lilian García-Alonso Alba / Javier Vázquez Negrete

Life’s Rich Tapestry
Deb Spoehr

Weaving Experiences with the Textile Heritage and the Memory
Olga Liliana Sulca

Producing, Weaving, and Felting T,urcana Wool in the Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Florica Zaharia / Ana Teodora Zaharia


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